November 10, 2017


Wizards Corporate Site

I served as both the content manager and strategist of a refreshed Wizards’ corporate website, which received a Davy Award, Gold.

The primary goal of the project was to drive recruitment. So our content strategy aimed to showcase Wizards of the Coast’s unique culture. We prioritized visuals and employed concise text, with a voice that communicated the fantasy gaming fun at the heart of the company’s values.


Life at Wizards


WPN Site

Wizards of the Coast’s B2B site speaks to small business owners who carry Wizards of the Coast products. The guiding principles are concise communications, a clearly outlined benefit, with engaging headlines and summaries that are hard to ignore. Looking at analytics and listening to audience feedback, I’ve evolved the content strategy multiple times to improve our messaging.


Article Writing Sample

Email (Survey)

In this survey invitation, I aimed to highlight the benefits of the survey and address the barrier of time-to-complete. I had our team leader at the time add his signature to the email, knowing people are more likely to act based on a personal request. The reminder email, targeted at non-respondents, focused on urgency.

First Invitation



I am also the author of multiple books for children, including New York Times best-selling A Practical Guide to Monsters. See my writing credits.