July 18, 2010


A Practical Guide to Monsters

A Practical Guide to Monsters

A Practical Guide to Monsters will appeal both to fantasy fans and to children (ages five to eleven) who love encyclopedic non-fiction. Give it to them with a clove of garlic and an iron stake, and watch their eyes light up.”—Big A Little a

How do you trick a troll? Do vampires sleep? Why worry about yuan-ti? This lavishly illustrated guide showcases the spooky, unexpected, and always fascinating world of monsters!



Whose Feet?

  • An NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) Recommends® selection

“Children will love guessing the answers, and sharing information about a variety of animals, including themselves.”—NSTA

Mole claws scrape out a new home. A duck uses her webbed feet to flip underwater and search for a snack. Orangutan feet grab on tight as they swing from vine to vine. Who knew that feet could be so special and perform such extraordinary feats!


(written with Dan Greenberg)

“Dan Greenberg and Nina Hess’s Whales deserves ongoing recommendation for grades 2-3, offering 24 pages of eye-catching color photos and basic information about whales. From different kinds of whales and their natural history to dangers to whales, the introduction is perfect for young newcomers to the species.”Midwest Book Review

Additional Writing Credits

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