July 18, 2010

About Nina

I’ve always been a book nerd. One sunny summer in Seattle, when I was about twelve years old, I decided that I was going to read the entire Oz series from beginning to end. I set myself up on our porch swing with snacks and drinks and lots of pillows. Every afternoon, I started a new book in the series and read late into the night. I finished each book by around 10 the next morning, and after lunch, I was on to the next one. I guess I’ve always been a bit obsessive-compulsive too!

After graduating from college with not much of an idea what to do with my oh-so-practical art history degree, I determined to put my love of books and obsessive-compulsive nature to good use by becoming an editor. After an internship at an art book publisher, where I realized I didn’t have the right clothes or haircut to fit into the art world, I landed a job as an editorial assistant at Harcourt Children’s Books. I learned everything I ever wanted to know about editing by working for a terrific editor, I had the great pleasure of working with acclaimed authors and illustrators such as Leo & Diane Dillon, Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher and Barbara Diamond Goldin.

I loved children’s books, but I missed Seattle’s rain, delicious coffee, and laid-back West Coast lifestyle. So I headed back to my hometown, where I joined educational publisher Wright Group/McGraw-Hill to develop picture books and chapter books for classroom use.

Several years later, I was hired by Wizards of the Coast to launch their imprint of fantasy series fiction for young readers. There I developed and acquired multiple new properties, including Kimberly Pauley’s Sucks to Be Me series, and the best-selling Practical Guide series. When I moved up into the role of editor-in-chief, I became the editor for R.A. Salvatore’s best-selling Legend of Drizzt series.

I’m the author of the New York Times best-selling A Practical Guide to Monsters (Mirrorstone) and Whose Feet? (Random House) which was named a NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) Recommends® selection. I’ve also written more than fifteen early readers for the educational market and for four years, I taught adult students in the Writing for Children certificate program at the University of Washington.

In 2014, the flexibility and exciting pace of website content management and strategy enticed me into the digital realm. I spent a year managing content for Kaijudo.com, a consumer-facing website aimed at 8 to 12 year old fans of the Kaijudo trading card game.  I then transitioned to my current role as the content manager for WPN.Wizards.com, a B2B website aimed at independent game store owners, localized in 11 different languages.


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