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Children’s Book Author

I’ve written more than 20 early readers and a #3 New York Times best-selling picture book.

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Content Manager and Strategist

I manage the content strategy of WPN.Wizards.com, a B2B website localized in 11 languages, and I was the content manager of Wizards.com, Wizards of the Coast’s corporate site, as well as Kaijudo.com, a consumer-facing site aimed at kids.

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I founded a children’s book imprint for Wizards of the Coast and have edited dozens of books for children and adults, including several New York Times best-selling Legend of Drizzt novels by R.A. Salvatore

About Nina

Content Manager, Content Strategist, Writer, Editor
An unbridled enthusiasm for the written word

I've always had a passion for reading and writing. One summer, when I was about twelve years old, I decided to read the entire Oz series from beginning to end. Every afternoon, I started a new book in the series and read late into the night. By lunch of the next day, I was on to the next one. I guess I’ve always been a bit obsessive-compulsive too!

So it’s no surprise that my career revolves around reading, writing, and editing (a good outlet for my obsessive-compulsive tendencies). I love writing children’s books (particularly early readers) in my free time, and I enjoy lecturing on the topic of children’s writing at the University of Washington.

After cutting my editorial teeth in publishing, the flexibility and exciting pace of website content management and strategy lured me into the digital realm.

On Writing and Editing